1. Be your daily contact. Most loan reps start an application and then dump it off to several other parties to handle various aspects of the loan approval process.  Your EC loan consultant will be your single contact on all matters and commit to keeping you informed at least daily and as often as you wish.

2. Work closely with an expert management team behind the scenes to negotiate the best program for your needs. While most lenders have limited options your EC loan consultant can shop your loan against other lenders in the market and deliver premium pricing to you.

3. Work with our title company to clear any existing judgments or liens that you may have on title. Most homeowners are not aware of erroneous liens that can be filed on their property and removal of these can be expensive and take time that you don’t have.

4. Clear credit disputes. It’s not uncommon for medical collections and small judgments to show up on a credit report unbenounced to the consumer. These credit blemishes can lower your score and prevent you from qualifying for a future purchase.  Your EC loan consultant will work to put these matters behind you for good.

5. Let the strength of our numbers work for you!   You will be able to leverage the relationships that we have built with our lending partners to maximize pricing and turn times for your loan application.  We work directly with the underwriting and compliance departments to deliver to you the service that you deserve.

  6. Structure a loan to deliver the best financial reward for you. Most banks expect you to know their products and how to best qualify for the various programs they may offer. Having access to hundreds of different lender programs, FHA and VA your EC loan consultant can suggest alternate programs available that may put you in a better financial position.

7. Minimize loan application anxiety. Since we have access to the underwriter and the guidelines, your EC loan consultants  can tell you what documents you need to qualify for your loan. More importantly, they will prepare you for additional documents that you may need based on the loan program. Knowing this in advance helps improve turn time and helps you save money faster!

8. Vendor relationships. Since we deal in bulk with our vendors and closing agents we can demand faster service and better quality. This translates to a smoother process for you!

9. Save you from the exhausting legwork of shopping for a mortgage loan and negotiating the best program.

10. EC loan consultants are only compensated when you get what you want!   A rep at the bank will charge you a fee upfront and collect their salary check with no guarantee that they will approve a loan for you.

Best Mortgage Deal Offer at Zero Risk Guarantee

You are about to spend thousands of dollars…. don’t you want to know that you have the best deal?

Your decision to use EC Financial for your mortgage needs is absolutely backed by our Zero Risk-Best Offer Guarantee. If after speaking to one our representatives and receiving a free comparison quote, you do not feel you have received the best offer for your mortgage needs then you won’t owe us a dime!  We guarantee that we can meet or beat any offer in the business or we won’t do the deal.  A mortgage refinance can be one of the greatest financial commitments that you and your family will make and you owe it to yourself to find the best option before you close your loan.  EC Financial is the best option because we are partnered with several lenders that are ready to give you their programs wholesale prices!!

EC Financial guarantees that we can meet or beat any offer or we simply won’t do the deal.  We are certain that we can beat any offer but if we don’t, you have peace of mind knowing that you received the best program for your mortgage needs.

With all the mortgage financing options in the market available today it can be overwhelming with the many choices of whom to work with. Getting a mortgage loan may seem simple but the truth is your level of service and quality of loan product will vary greatly depending upon which mortgage company you choose.   At EC Financial, your loan consultant will be the first and last point of contact and will go above and beyond the normal loan officer to exceed your service expectations.  You can expect the following from your experience at EC Financial: